Katherine Takpannie

Artist Statement

Katherine Takpannie is an urban Inuk whose family is originally from Apex Hill, Nunavut. However she was born in Montreal, QC. Takpannie is a self-taught, emerging photographer who wants to reveal the complexities and nuances of urban Inuit life. Having lived most of her life in Ottawa, her work speaks to the Ottawa that she sees. Her visual language expands out from lifestyle portraiture to include lush landscapes, and gritty urban scenes.

Takpannie also captures performative and political gestures. Hoping to bring reflection on issues that Canadians face daily. Katherine is a proud alumni of the Nunavut Sivuniksavut program. The program focuses on the Nunavut Agreement and it's implementation, Political Science, Research, Inuit-Government Relations, Contemporary Issues, Inuit history, and Inuktitut.  Katherine aims to help raise awareness, and bring forth important conversations through her work.

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