Mikka is wearing a fine art piece by Kaajuk Kablalik, a Kivallirmiut jewellery designer in love with the natural materials of Inuit Nunangat. The jewellery set that was captured here emulates wings, the air,  and is made from Musk Ox.

“If I turned into a seal, my soul would stay the same. I am not afraid to be seen, because my body is not who I am. I am a Spirit. I believe that there are portals that exist between us and the Spirit world. Do you desire to understand animism? Do you dare to speak of Shamanism?

Our idea of healing individually, and collectively within our communities includes Spiritual Awakening. And to understand the Spirituality our ancestors practised. Since the implementation of Indian Residential “Schools” we have been forced to believe our Spirituality as dangerous or evil. And that’s not all that it was, or is. I used my body to imitate the movement of earth to air. Shapeshifting. Have you heard the stories from our ancestors? Have you heard of the ones who could change form? These images are the first step to re-opening the portals to this conversation.” - Mikka Komaksiutiksak 

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